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Home and Office Solutions:
  • Synntel Group provides solutions for home and home office. Sales, repair and installation of Laptops and Desktops are part of our core business. Synntel also deals with tablets and mobile phones together with computer parts and networking systems.


    We build custom made gaming system. You can tell us what you want, the design, be it in futuristic box or glass-top computer desk. We build top of the range desktops. We have started the production of Synntel's Nishu gaming system, which is basically a desk computer system with glass top. A picture of this product will be available soon.


    Synntel Group is a Lenovo and Microsoft partner. 

Small to Medium Business Solutions:
  • Synntel Group is a major provider of information technology based support and services. We have qualified professionals to look after clients networking environment together with taking care of hardware and software issues.


    Design and Development 


    Synntel Group can undertake any project related to information technology. Building from project realisation through to implementation and support, Synntel can give you a reasonable quotes.


    Data Cabling, Server Installation, Network Installation, Network Administration, Information Technology Consultations, IT Training, Computer Repair, Hardware & Software Supply, Web Design & Development and for more, please contact us.

Servers, Systems and Storage:
  • Synntel Group provides both static server and license structures and hosting services for businesses to update their IT environment and to consolidate servers and storage systems that are spread out across multiple locations.


    Hosted Solutions 


    Because of their high level of standardization, cloud platforms are particularly suited to meeting companies' needs . Synntel provides hosting solutions based on dedicated or virtual server and storage structures and guarantees smooth operation, regular security updates, technical support and optional backup services.


    Other Server and Storage Systems 


    Synntel Group will work with you to develop the right systems solution for your organisation and its current and future business needs, maximising data availability and systems efficiency. Businesses need and optimised server environment for daily business activities smoothly. Contact Us.

Cloud Computing vMware Solutions:
  • Synntel Groups cloud computing services provide your business with an updated consumption and delivery model that delivers software, data access and storage remotely over the net. Coupled with Google Drives robust technology and Synntels dedicated cloud systems, you eliminate a lot of your headaches because you're not managing hardware and software.


    vMware Solutions 


    Virtualize and consolidate servers, and do the same for networking, storage and security, at your own pace. Enable provisioning in minutes and complete your private cloud with automated management. Let Synntel guide you through vMware and Cloud computing.

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